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    I have a few housekeeping rules which are set in order to maintain a positive vibe and set the vision for this community. I ask you to please comply to the following rules, they are very simple and straightforward. Anyone breaking them, I will not hesitate to remove you from the discord/telegram group.

  • Do not share the content within this discord/telegram group. Any IP, information, such as formulas, tools, indicators, bots etc that might be shared in groups should stay in this group and never be shared with anyone else without permission.
  • Please do not tag "@everyone" whenever you type a message in the threads.
  • I ask you to not jump straight to questions about what we do or how to set up your different platforms and data as this has been explained many times in this group. Do take the time to read the entire chat from beginning to end and use the search tool to look up any keywords that could assist you and answer your questions. We expect You to put in some effort first.
  • Do not spam or direct message any member with questions about what we do or how to get started, this will annoy most members and there is no need for that. When you have questions that you can not find an answer to, use the general chat to ask that question so other can learn from it too.
  • This groups are about using volume and delta to trade the markets, I have no interest in discussing strategies, methods or other things that have nothing to do with these topics. We are here to trade what is already here and that should be and remain the focus.
  • I expect you to contribute as this goes hand in hand with my vision, grow together in a positive way.
  • Please do not self-advertise.
  • I expect nothing but respect, no racism, no explicit content, no drama.
  • Let's elevate each other, come in with a fresh positive attitude and focus on what we do here every day, making money trading the markets.

  • Discord: https://discord.gg/zSw58e9Uvf

    Telegram: https://t.me/aadresearch