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In this example +3%, +5.46% and +6.45%, total +14.91%
in 3 trades

This how Distance indicator looks like. It has advanced measurement algo inside to detect unusual market behavior.

This Cumulative Delta indicator.


The Indicator has 7 adjustable exponential moving averages, Stochastic, Reverse Candle and OHCL signals (colored triangles). Delta has Volume, Delta itself and famous 3-in-a-row Signals. Distance has Advanced formula and easy to use interface. All indicators are ready for Forex, Crypto and Stocks.

The Indicator lite


  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Discord support
  • Free updates
  • Ready to use

Distance & CumDelta


  • Adjustable settings
  • Cumulative Delta v4 included
  • Crypto and Forex ready
  • Advanced Formulas used
  • Free updates

Delta (Prof bundle)**


  • The Indicator v26 included
  • Delta v28 included
  • Cumulative Delta v4 included
  • Distance v2 included
  • Discord support

* Annually you have up to 16% off, which is 2 months free!

** In order to maintain a balance in the market, some indicators may be temporarily unavailable.
We don't want a lot of traders to use them, so we have limited the number of participants.
The formula is: (Average 33-min BTCUSDT Perpetual contract volume in USD / 1000) - users with current subscriptions.
Please ask for quote first before making any payment.