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    People ask me how to run the bots (scripts, dashboards etc) 24x7 on virtual private server?

    I prefer using Digital Ocean. They have very good pricing, cool interface, free firewall and managed databases!
    All we need to run bots with high speed and good security.

    To get 100$ on your account from DO you can use

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    1. Click on Droplets and click on Create Droplet. Choose Singapore location (the closest to the Bybit Endpoint)

    2. Choose Ubuntu 20.04

    3. Choose Basic plan. If you want to use websockets and work with database better if you choose NWMe SSD, because it is much faster. 1Gb memory is enought to run 1-4 bots and the dashboard.

    When you connect to your new Droplet first time run few commands:

    apt update - to update your new Ubuntu server
    pip install pandas
    pip install pybit
    pip install colorama
    pip install ta
    pip install ccxt
    pip install python-binance

    If you want to run your bots in the background I recommend to use tmux. Run apt install tmux and google how to use it.

    DigitalOcean Referral Badge

    If you want to have Redis in-memory database then you can setup Redis database Cluster. Is works much faster than redis installed on your VPS and it is easier to manage it.

    To make it just do this:

    On this screenshot it is taking all trades data for 240 minutes for selected symbol just in 0.16 seconds.

    To get 100$ on your account from DO use